July 3, 2012

come on over

It is always amazing to me when I check in to see what’s been happening on this tumblr.  

New folks coming to hang out from everywhere!

And that’s fabulous and wonderful and all that jazz.

Except, I’m not here much anymore.

I’m here.  Writing about sexy D/s goodness and my lovely life with the most amazing Dominant to my submissive.  That’d be Mr. Hatton.

So, while I hope I can spend some time on BGGW again, I really be happy if you’d just join me where I live now.

His Darling Girl


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April 8, 2012

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michaelrecycles:mmmerlin:/Jean-Baptiste Fort

michaelrecycles:mmmerlin:/Jean-Baptiste Fort

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April 7, 2012

October 10, 2011


Holly Hunter & Anna Paquin by Kai Z Feng

I’m seriously girl crushin’ right now. 


Holly Hunter & Anna Paquin by Kai Z Feng

I’m seriously girl crushin’ right now. 

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October 4, 2011

October 3, 2011

Degrees of Separation

Alternatively from Bad Girl to His Darling Girl

I’ve been stressing about this post. The possibility that I am about to lessen the degrees of separation between my main tumblr (i.e., that thin veil between me and my IRL identity) and the one where I post about the true nature of my personal and sexual relationship.

I created Bad Girl Gone Worse as an outlet to tantalize my lover while we were living 10,000 miles apart. Its main purpose was to catalog a plethora of sexy, naughty, titillating images in a completely non-personal kind of way. I mean I wasn’t going to post pictures of myself and I’d rarely write any posts that might give away the nature of where my dynamic with my lover was heading. It was to tease and arouse while keeping myself anonymous.

I have a good many wonderful followers on this blog. Lovely people who have stuck with it even when I’ve let it languish because I’ve been primarily posting more personal stuff elsewhere. And I thought that was a shame because I really admire a good number of you guys and I’ve missed being able to make the connection to the more personal sex blog. For several of you it doesn’t matter because you already follow me there. 

I’ve just gotten too busy to keep up with bad girl. It has been neglected. I’m not going to delete this blog and hope to keep the link on my primary sexy blog, but I just don’t have time to frequently find images for here when I’m focusing my efforts elsewhere. I’ll still occasionally post here, but I post every day on the other blog.

What does all of this have to do with the price of rice in China?

Well, the vast majority of you have never seen my main tumblr and really couldn’t care less who I am or where I post my daily musings on life. Fair enough. I like it that way.

However, there are at least a few of you that know who I am and the location of my main tumblr and the regular life vibe going on over there. It’s you few that I’m stressing about. To link to the sex blog where I write all the intimate bits of our lives might actually change what you think, not only of me but of my partner, who that few of you also follow.

I don’t worry about you’ll think of me so much, after all I’ve poured out a fair bit of naked life over there, but I am concerned what you might think of my lover. He’s got his aloof, dry sense of humor, playboy chap persona to keep up. :)  So, if you’re one of those handful of people who put the two together, I ask that you respect the separation between them. Without that, I supposed I’d have to delete all three tumblrs. 

Even so, for anyone who reads this post, I have no shame about who we are and how we live and what I write about on my more intimate tumblr. I’d just like to keep a decent degree of separation between the two and bypassing this blog as middle ground would do away with that.

I am not vain enough to think that even half of you will automatically click on the follow button just because I reveal the other blog where I’ve been writing the last year. I am hopeful that a good few of you will because I put a lot of work into it and at least I think it is sexy and honest and raw and revealing. It just might not be your cup of tea.

So there you have it.  

I am His Darling Girl. It’s where I write primarily about the Dominant/submissive nature of our relationship. And where I post a shit ton of images that are NSFW, and focus predominantly on D/s themes and other kinky sexy fun stuff.

If you don’t want to go there, no problem.
It doesn’t bother me if you can’t be arsed to follow. 

But if you would, I’d love for you to join us. 
It would be a treat to have you come along for the journey. 

If you’d like to read about how we live and the fun sexy stuff we do, in a Safe for Work format, without any sexy images, then I have a text only version here.

Either way, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
I’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Mr. Hatton’s darling girl

btw, if you aren’t of legal age in the jurisdiction where you live, if you aren’t 18 or over, then please do not follow. If I become aware that you are underage, I have no other option than to block you. His Darling Girl is an adult tumblr with adult themes of sex and D/s. Please wait until you are of legal age to join me. Thanks. 

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May 17, 2011

I’ve missed being a bad girl

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